Friday, December 14, 2012

Where the Time go? My Life now.

Life has been busy to say the least. I have been working and going to school, like normal. Now school is over (as of yesterday) and I did pretty well. I made two A's and two B's on my finals and all B's in my Class. Next semester I will be taking Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy Lab, Pre-Calculus Algebra and Developmental Psychology. I am very excited to take these class and hope that I do well.

My health is well for now. I say this because I never know when I will be sick again. I hope it never but I know that wont be true. I feel that my Pseudotumar Cerebra is in remission but I wont know for sure until I go back to my neurologist in January. My migraines are back under control with a new adjustment I had this past week. So I believe it is safe to say I am well

This year Christmas had approached very fast. I have not done any of my shopping yet. I know that there is still time but it a weird feeling no having it done yet. This Christmas will be the first time I will be well as far as with my Migraines and infection. Ever since I was 13 I have be sick with Migraines. And then last year I had a infection. I had to open my Christmas present with a PICC line in my arm to take my antibiotics. I am thankful that I am well now and that I now can say I have good health.

Tho this Christmas will be a first for my health in along time but also a first without my Great-Grandma Gee-Gee.  She was such a loving soul and is dearly missed but I am thankful she is in a better place. She is not suffering anymore. I like to believe she is with her three boys and her loving husband. I believe he was waiting on the other side of the moon for her like he promise. Never have I seen two people so in love with each other. It was a beautiful thing what they had. I was so bless to be apart of their life.

This Cat (the co-founder of CMA) She came down to
Houston, Texas for a  stim Trial . I was so Great to be
her Host while she was here.

This is My Great-Grandma, Gee-Gee, and I last Christmas.
So Thankful I got to spend time with her to make that
Christmas Memorable.   

I became a God Mother to my Best Friend son

Me and Blake

On Thanksgiving I did a fun run with my
Mommie and Brother. It was fun even though
we only did the walk.

My Brother, His Girlfriend and I, decoration our
Christmas tree. Love spending time with my family. 
Oh and I Love to babysit this little Turkeys. They are some
amazing little people.

Who I am and what I become simply amazes me.

I am just a simple girl trying to change the world!