Surgery timeline

  1. 2/26/11 I had the trial where the placed 4 lead under the skin
  2. 3/9/11 The 1st implant was done and my recovery was long and hard
  3. 4/12/11 I had to have 2 leads corrected 
  4. 7/12/11 I developed a infection and had to have it clean out
  5. 8/12/11 I still had the infection and the implanted  was removed
  6. 11/12/11 I had the 2nd implanted 
  7. 11/17/11 Two incision open up and had to be re-closed.
  8.  2/23/12 I had my battery moved and a lead.
  9. 8/27/12 I Reveal implant. This is a heart monitor that I had implant to monitor my heart for the next 3 years. This has nothing to my stimulator but feel that it my be help to other who my be getting this or have this.
The first 5 were done by Dr. Chapman in Houston Texas. The last 3 were done by Dr. Ken Reed in Dallas Texas

I have also had to have two PICC line placed for 2 rounds of IV antibiotics!

Incision above my right ear where the front two leads make the loops

they shaved this part

Me in surgery 

This was when I had a infection and they had a drain tube in it I know gross

My butt incision
Neck incision

Butt again