Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Some people say "You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have." This is so true for me and my life. I have had many struggles in my life and many of them have made strong. As I look back on my life mainly the past eight years I can't help but think about the amount of pain I am and endure. Though I am now almost 10 months with only one major migraine I cannot help to think how blessed I have become. I am living life I am doing things that everyday people would do. I work 14 hour days six days a week though that may not be normal for most its beyond exciting for me. Exciting because I've never been able to be awake that much hours let alone work. My world is new and it's all because strong was the only choice I had, my only option of the time. Life hand me a pretty nasty sets of cards but I turns cards around and won the game, well in my eyes that it.
I sometimes wonder how I got though all of those dark times, those day I spent in my room crying because I was in so much pain and had no answers, none no one could help me, they just wanted to drug me. Or so it seems at times. I have to believe that the soul reason I made it through those five years with migraines was because I was strong, Strong in the fact that I put a smile on my face every day, strong in the fact that I did not give up I knew that wasn't an option, strong in the fact that I could not give up on hope. Hope for better days, hope for a miracle drug to help me, hope that somebody the right somebody would come along and take the pain away. Without being strong I do not believe that I would not be where I am today. 
Today I am A healthy 22 year old about to enter my fourth year college someone who smiles a lot, who love life! 

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