Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where has the time gone?

It has been since posted here on this blog. I am sorry about that life been kind of busy.

In August my family welcomed a new member, My cousin named Maxwell. He is an Angel born the my Aunt Afton and Austin. My Aunt is only 10 years older than me and has made an amazing MOM and Maxwell is an amazing baby. 
Here He is!!! Thank God for answering so many prays.
We also sent my bother Taylor of to College to Stephen F. Austin. He is doing amazing there and learn a lot about life. I believe that being away from him has made us closer again...he never stops amazing me and alway making me laugh and smile.
Taylor, Maxwell and I at Christmas
School also started for me in August. In the Fall I took 14 credit hours. Statistics, Fitness for Living, Nutrition, Dance as Art and Physiology. I made all A's and a C in Physiology. This class was by far the hardest class I have ever taken. I learn a lot just didn't test well. I do plan to retake it this coming Fall (2014). Not this does push my application back a semester because that is a core class that I need a B or higher in for Nursing. But I am not going to let this stop me I am still going to fight to achieve my dream. This Spring I am taking 14 credit hours. Microbiology, College Algebra, American Sign Language and Medical Terminology. The first to class will be a Lone Star, due to the fact Sam Houston did not have any class available for me that fit in my work schedule but also I was getting tired of driving to Huntsville two days a week. The last two class are online classes through Sam. This allows me to stay enrolled to make it easier for applying to Nursing School. I still do not know were I will be going to Nursing school at and I just hope that I get in on the first round of application. 

Health wise I am doing good!!!! Headaches are low to not even there. I have been about four months without a Major Migraine (one that makes my world stop and I must go to bed). This is thanks to the Stimulator and a change in medication. I did get my Wisdom Teeth pulled in October and that was not fun at all. I was in pain for almost three weeks but I will say that I was very talkative on the way home and I must have been given some awesome meds because I went to Heaven. That right Heaven and I am very thankful for the message I was given. 

I plan on blogging more this year because this is going to be an amazing year. I can feel it.