Neuro Simulator Information

Breakthrough migraine procedure

The minimally invasive Transforma ProcedureSM is based on a strong foundation of neurostimulation, recognized by the medical community as one of the most effective methods of treating people with severe head and back pain.  In recent research, combined occipital and supraorbital neurostimulation has produced  promising results for people with intractable chronic migraine pain. Techniques of combined stimulation of both the back and
front nerves received recognition in the prestigious Cephalalgia, the journal of the International Headache Society. The Transforma ProcedureSM  is based on these techniques and was specifically developed to provide life-changing, long-term relief for people suffering from chronic migraine pain.*

Greater than 80% success rate

If you’re weighed down by migraine pain, the chances of having your life transformed have never been better. Through neurostimulation of both the occipital and supraorbital nerves, the breakthrough Transforma ProcedureSM  can have a success rate of 80-98% for long-term control of migraines. By comparison, most other treatments offer only short-term relief and, at best, a 50%, “flip a coin” success rate.

How the procedure works

This effective advanced migraine pain relief procedure involves the minimally invasive insertion of a neurostimulation device that sends mild electrical pulses to the nerves responsible for your migraines and short-circuits the pain signals before you develop a migraine. Just like the volume on a radio, you can adjust the intensity as you need it. And, you get to “test-drive” the procedure for 3-5 days to discover whether it is right for you.

The benefits are instantaneous

Most people find that they can reduce or eliminate all pain medication soon after the Transforma ProcedureSM. So you can start to laugh, love and life your life.

See if you’re a candidate

The Transforma ProcedureSM is not for everyone. Our board certified physicians view the ideal candidate as someone who suffers from chronic migraines more than 15 days per month for more than 4 hours at a time and has tried many of the other migraine solutions without success.
That’s why the first thing we do is audit where you currently are in your treatment regimen and determine how it is helping, or not helping, you manage your migraines. We ask a lot of questions, give you a shoulder to lean on. We know you have been through a lot, maybe even been given a lot of false hope. You’ve also probably seen an army of doctors, but still aren’t satisfied with the results.

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