Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Bucket List

  1. Save a life
  2. Make a difference in this world
  3. Skydive
  4. Visit a least 2/3 of the states
  5. Visit each continents and stay there for a least a week
  6. Be a Philanthropist
  7. Own a horse or two
  8. Have a ranch one day
  9. Run/bike a marathon
  10. Fall in love with someone who make me happy
  11. Have my own child, and try for a natural birth.
  12. Donate my bone marrow
  13. To be an organ donor
  14. Be a blond
  15. To go a full year without needing surgery
  16. Be a stay at home mom
  17. Be a working mom
  18. Be a hard working nurse that everyone looks up to
  19. Teach someone how to be a nurse
  20. To carry on my Great Grandma legacy
  21. Learn to surf
  22. Get married/renew vows in Savannah, Georgia
  23. Deliver a baby
  24. Learn how to run properly and enjoy it.
  25. Learn to shoot a gun
  26. Go hunting with my daddy.
  27. Visit the 7 wonders of the World.
  28. Go bungee jumping 
  29. Learn to sail