Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have been busy here at TWU!

My days are pretty busy now that I am back in full swing. My days start at 7:30 everyday Monday through Thursday and class began at 8. I am taking Anatomy 1, Into to Physiology, English Composition 2, Anatomy Lab 1, History 1865-Present and Dance, Gender and Culture (Woman's Study).  So my days are busy with classes and lots and lots of Homework. I am also taking a fun dance class on Thursday evenings. I love this class because it a hour of just dancing and that all I think about no homework or what I have to study before tomorrow.

College life is good there are a lot of events coming up in the spring time and there even a camping trip with is something I might do. I still do not have a room mate but that is ok with me and kinda nice but lonely at times. I have also made new friend outside of the floor I live on.

Health wise I am doing good. I have my two front wires fixed so that it will stop pulling so much. I am not sure when that will be but after that I should be good to go for another ten years.

This picture is so true!

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