Monday, April 9, 2012

Time has flown!

I am doing really well. I have some bad day but most are good. School is keeping me so busy but I do want to give some migraine tips.

1) Watch what eat! Whatever you put in will effect your head. Also eat at a schedule time. EX: 8-12-6.
2) Get a routine and stay on it. Believe it or not this really help me. But I do have long days Monday thought Thursday up at 7:30 and in bed the earliest 11. I do try and nap for a hour but sometime input not possible. 
3) Sleep with a humidifier in the room if you live in a dry area. Me I from Houston move to Dallas and found that I had to have one.  I also believe if you sleep with the temp down low that helps.
4) Work out if possible. I have found doing a hour of cardio that the endorphins help me with my migraine but I do have days where I  just can't.

Hope these tips help!

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