Monday, July 23, 2012

Life as I know it :)

Wow! I have been so busy lately. I am doing my second class for the summer. I did American Government in the month of June and now I am doing Texas Government. I am really not enjoy it but it is somewhat easy, but it has a lot of writing. This will be my last class at Texas Woman's University and then I will start class on August 30 at Sam Houston State University. I will be taking 12 credit hour on Tuesday and Thursday.

I am also working at a Daycare in my Hometown and also a caregiver for a person who has a disability. I really enjoy working and helping others. It really make me happy and feel that I have a purpose in life. I think that the rest of the year is going to be crazy with living at home, going to school and having two part-time job. I can not wait to get all of my pre-recs for nursing school so that I can apply and take the next step in achieving my dream on becoming a nurse.

My headaches and migraines are back under control. My battery would not charge for a month because my charger was broke, but once I received my new charger I was back to new. I really enjoy having a battery to control my headaches. I have heard many of different stories about neruo stimulation for migraines and not all of them have a happy ending. I am so thankful that my system works and controls my pain. I am glad that my medical condition is slowly getting better. I did find out a few days ago that I have to have a Internal  Cardiac Monitor. This will stay in my body for two years and it will record my heart beat every second of everyday. The hopes for implanting this is for my doctor to see what happens with my heart in the moment when I pass out.

So life is good right now, I am busy and going to school. I have a loving family and so thankful I can spend just one more day with them.

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